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Grant Program

Montana Trout Foundation
Montana Trout Foundation
Montana Trout Foundation

Every year, the Montana Trout Foundation (MTF) solicit grant applications for our annual grant cycle. 

This year, grant proposals are due on or before December 1. Here is a link to the MTF Grant Application, and emailing them back to us at our info@ address is best.

Also, note that there is no specific dollar amount requirement or limit for grants, although past history shows that the 'average' grant amount typically falls between $2500 and $15,000, with most on the lower end of that range. 

To ensure your request fits our priorities (and therefore qualifies for our grant program), the primary objectives of the MTF are: 

1. To preserve and enhance the wild trout resources of Montana by the encouragement, support and funding of scientific research, education, and habitat enhancement projects.

2. To promote relevant educational activities in order to create a better awareness among the general public of the need for and value of the improvement and maintenance of open spaces, of wild trout habitat, and of the natural environment, whether public or private, with emphasis on the preservation of water quality and on the prevention, detection, and correction of water pollution.

Also keep in mind that an MTF grant can fund initial project assessment, planning, and design that will qualify a project for additional funding through these other sources. Essentially MTF can grant any project that the board deems appropriate based on our mission.