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Montana Trout Foundation
Montana Trout Foundation
Montana Trout Foundation

The Montana Trout Foundation is a non-political, non-partisan 501c3 non-profit organization, and our sole purpose is to preserve and enhance wild trout resources. 

We believe the best way to accomplish this goal is through funding scientific research, fisheries education, and trout habitat enhancement. And because our perspective is angler-based, our work results in not just healthier fisheries, but better fishing for all of us.

In order to guarantee perpetuity, contributions are placed into a trust fund, and the trust income is directed toward our grant program.

Minimal operating expenses, and prudent management by our volunteer Board of Directors, ensures that your donations can and will make an immediate impact on the quality of fishing in Montana.

Yet our success in achieving these goals is only as effective as our financial support from dedicated anglers like you — please help us help you enjoy better fishing in Montana for years to come by getting involved.

MTF FOUNDERS: Bud Lilly, Dick McGuire

David Thompson/President, Kent Kasting/Secretary, George Schramm/Treasurer,
Gordon Haugen, Harry Miller, Dick Paasch, George Kelly,
Christine Marozick, Steve Summerhill, Wade Fellin, Don Skaar